Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Omgosh I forgot!!!!

I forgot to post the pictures of Liberty's Store....All her treasures....You have to catch them quick cause her displays and treasures are changing constantly ....She can bring the neatest piece and I see it in the morning and come back a couple hours later and its GONE!!!!! So I have learned don't hesitate ....She has some of the best Prices....So Yes these pictures area few days old but now obselete....Store has changed again....LOL...It always fun to see what new ideas and new items have come in....
So do Come Visit us all soon.....I hope you enjoy all of us and the shops as much as I do....I still have a few shops to talk about and a whole motherlode of pictures yet.....I know how much I enjoy pictures cause we are all so busy and you can't be all lucky like me and be among all these ladies everyday....so I wil share my piece of heaven with you and Post LOTS n LOTS of pictures...
Til then
Love Cricket!!!!

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