Sunday, June 6, 2010

The OPen House!!!! Ok ok IM a LiTTle Behind..

Come with me down the Breezeway!!!

and let's have a chat a catch up a little bit....

Put your hand to your ear and let's catch up on the latest gossip.... dirt....ok

ok ok...just the fun and exciting things happening in the Emporium

Isn't this just gorgeous....We are so spoiled!!!

It is prettier in person...

Yes that is a wood burning stove sitting outside...with nasturtiums growing through it..

Only Miss Viv can pull it off.....

Well I'm telling you I have a blast listening to all
The people that just love RoosterCreek
Miss Viv and the Hen House...
I tell you girl these ladies can get to cackling all in fun
with laughter....We have the best time...

I am getting side tracked again...

But spend a day with this lady and you will see why we all adore her so much..
It's not just her beautiful greens eyes or red hair
But all wrapped up with a wonderful fun personality

This is latest venture of Miss Viv's

A little bit Vintage... A little bit Sexy!!!! and a Little bit of Boujiboo O so couture!!!

She has even a few with a Paris theme and little BliNG BliNG.....

News to the WOrthY !!!!!!! Miss Viv has Created these beautiful shoulder bags

with oh so romantic themes...Time to treat yourself GiRL ...We all Deserve the BEST!!!

Back to the Task on HAnd!!!

The Open House was a GReat SucceSS....

We had a Blast and SO many of You came Out to see Us and

wish us Well and Get first chance of the neat goodies

that all these talented ladies and gentlemen have made...

So we want to say THANK YOU!!!! so much

WE gave fREnch Blue LAveNDer Sachets

as a Thank You with all Purchases...

Refreshments Galore....Erin made her famous brownies...If I stand to be corrected... so be to say they were gone in mmm say minutes....

Oh and Erin's signs...LOVE THEM LOVE THEM!!!!

What was that ..OH YEAH I love theM!!!

WAit til you see her Christmas ones.....Gingerbread OH YEAH>>>and Rolling pins my weakness...

I'm telling you... I have died and gone to Heaven!!! Rick Rack , buttons, aprons and holiday decorations.... oh my

Here is a little taste of the beautiful

Americana Displays

They are sure ready for Memorial Day and Fourth of July Festivities

Anything Red, White and Blue flew off the shelves....

Makes me want to go sit on the porch barefoot

on my porch swing and have a tall glass of ice cold Lemonade

Miss Viv's Aprons last only minutes ...
Her first apron sold not even five minutes into opening
So I didnt even get a picture ....BOOHOOOO

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  1. Hi Cricket!
    I LOVE your shop! I snuck in this past weekend while I was supposed to be doing errands. So much to see! Your displays are awesome. Can't wait to come back in and do some shopping! :)
    Have a great one! Amber