Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Inspiration!!!!!

Yes I got a little sidetracked for the last Year!!!
She loves shopping , yarn, and material an vintage things!!!
Let's go shopping!!!!!!

Really!!! Love it!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sadness!!!!!!! Witchy Poo's Sister's haved created a rucus...

Witchy Poo's Estate Sale

has been changed to

September 24th & 25th

That's right ...Her sister's

Witchy Wilma and Matilda

put up a fuss and tried to claim some of her stuff...

So all is well and we shall see you then..

September 24th 3p-8pm

September 25th 10a-5p

Still at Rooster Creek

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

R U Kidding Me!!!!!!!!!


Fall Open House

is right around the corner!!!!

September 11th & 12th


Yes!!! We just got word .......
The house fell on Miss Witchy Poo!!!
a few days ago...
So you know what that means!!!!!!!!!!!

Witchy Poo Estate Sale
is happening
September 11th & 12th
Take a peek in Rooster Creek
Located 42030 Main St.
Old Town Temecula, CA 92590
That's right..... the hens and chicks have been practicing there cackling...
so watch out we have a few tricks up our feathers n making lots ofs treats....
So get ready....
17 days left.......
Til Then
Love Cricket.......

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back To ????

To be Inspired is to be One in Spirit

In alignment ...NiCe

Really!!!!!!!! 47 days left and counting!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Another Heart Squeezing Moment

HAd to Share this with you !!!!!
I found what must be the tiniest nest ...not even 3" wide

So cute with chips of paint>>>

Momma bird worked hard on her the nest looked like a little bump on this bush not really even a tree...people walk by it everyday and don't think anyone even noticed...So let us give a huge hand to MOMMA bird...She made quite the nest and hid it right in front of people's faces ...
Just wait to see you see the baby ...

He is so cute....That little baby was so squished in room for momma..but she fed him...I went to visit him everymorning for about mmmm 2 weeks at least..
Then one day the proud moment happened
He flew away and left this cute tiny nest
How do I know he was a boy...

Well Cause we had our talks ...not really hed didn't say much
just open his mouth for food...that's is how I knew he was a baby boy>> I crack myself up..

This is the tiniest nest that Cricket has ever seen...
Til Then
Love Cricket!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yes!!! It has been awhile!!!!!!!!

I have to tell you we have been so busy creating a new look in the henhouse...
Rooster Creek and the Little Red Hen....
We are working really hard....getting ready for the FALL OPEN HOUSE!!!!!!
I know y' all are gonna be just as excited as I am...
So for now we must keep the theme underwraps...
All the hens are so busy cleaning the hen house and making new treasures for that special weekend....Your minds will be blown away....Now the hens are having a good ole cackling time......

Who is this you ask....Lucy is on your right!!!!
She inspired a doll class and these are the new ladies in town...Sweetie Pie and ...
Don' you just love the Converse shoes....
Well needless to say I am in the middle of the adoption process of my dear Lucy and Ricky( the Monkey)....Heehee

This is a sneek peak of some of the changes going on in the store...
A French Flower Market Theme...

I continue to DREAM of all the Fun things being created for this
Just wait!!! I am telling you ... I have been planning this event for over 2 years now.....
So YES!!! I am just a little excited.

I love these Old Crow candles....The look is so cool....Halloween is coming....Yippee!!!!

There You go ANOTHER SNEEK PEEK!!!!!!!
54 DAys Left And Counting!!!!
You may think that is a lot but as MISS MALAYSIA knows out there..
It ain't Nothing..Time flys so fast....
I LOVE IT!!! You gotta LOVE it!!!
Til Then ..
LOve Cricket!!!!