Saturday, May 9, 2009

I made It!!!!!!!

I am so excited to join the world of bloggers....I used to wonder what was up with these strange people posting pictures and telling strangers about there lives.......Well honey I am here to tell you ..I get it now.......It is like one big family and the largest group of friends...I so can't wait to meet some of these neat ladies..My good friend Deb got me hooked......We talk on the phone almost everyday and she would tell me stories of this person on this blog and she posted pictures of decorating and she did this and check it out......and then now we meet for dinner once a week and catch up on our blogs...yes it is like my crack...
Blogger crack if we shall call it.....gotta read the next post in the archive and the next picture...we sit there like two giddy little girls all excited we just got the latest barbie with the coolest clothes......Then I really became hooked when I actually wanted to respond to one of the Ladies. She posted she was having a rough day.....I thought to myself , omgosh, she has no idea what she has done for me, how we have gone through similar feelings of rough times in our life..I need to let her know..would I have known that if she had not had the guts to get out there and share herself and life with others like me..She has inspired for me to try these new things and to be me and keep going forward... for there is truly more than one of us going through similar things we can relate to....So Rock on Ladies with are Bad Selves ( which does mean a good thing like we are tough chicks)
Thank You Deb for leading me to a wonderful place with this blogger world.......

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