Friday, July 23, 2010

Another Heart Squeezing Moment

HAd to Share this with you !!!!!
I found what must be the tiniest nest ...not even 3" wide

So cute with chips of paint>>>

Momma bird worked hard on her the nest looked like a little bump on this bush not really even a tree...people walk by it everyday and don't think anyone even noticed...So let us give a huge hand to MOMMA bird...She made quite the nest and hid it right in front of people's faces ...
Just wait to see you see the baby ...

He is so cute....That little baby was so squished in room for momma..but she fed him...I went to visit him everymorning for about mmmm 2 weeks at least..
Then one day the proud moment happened
He flew away and left this cute tiny nest
How do I know he was a boy...

Well Cause we had our talks ...not really hed didn't say much
just open his mouth for food...that's is how I knew he was a baby boy>> I crack myself up..

This is the tiniest nest that Cricket has ever seen...
Til Then
Love Cricket!!!!!!!

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